Why Forage Developed?

Commercial producers know grain feeding produces growth and mass. Smarter producers know any animal can perform with optimal Abel Farms has been family owned and operated for over 50 years. Murray and Eway Abel own and operate a registered, forage developed, seed-stock operation alongside a natural beef herd. Murray has over 35 years experience in the cattle industry and a Science Degree specializing in Genetics. Eway is a large animal veterinarian. Our business is beef and we look forward to doing business with you.

To book an appointment to view our forage developed seed-stock or to discuss natural beef shares, contact the number below or email the farm from our contact sheet below.

Forage developed animals prove they excel on less than ideal feeding conditions. As a producer, knowing an animal performs with only basic feeding conditions, means you know they perform better when the feeding is optimal. We believe in testing our stock on what they can do on forage for two reasons, efficiency and genetic selection.

Our seed-stock breeding program is based on the idea that breeding stock should be genetically superior. By genetically superior, we mean that producers should not have to feed their breeding stock any extra feed just to maintain normal body condition scores or see excellent muscling and gain. We test out our breeding stock in no grain, forage only environment. Forage development allows us to test the limits of our stock’s performance. On our farm, if an animal cannot perform on forage alone, they don’t make the cut.

To you the producer, this means higher yields in optimal conditions. Forage Development also means efficiency with your breeding stock, you know they perform exceptionally on forage. When you look at our heifers and bulls as breeding stock they appear leaner than traditional grain fed stock. Leaner means a couple things to a producer, one the bulls are ready to go to work, no diet required. Two: you can see the muscle performance without having to filter out what is fat and what is muscle. Third: you know these animals are efficient, there is no question they excel at feed processing. Feed costs are one of the highest operating expenses producers pay, knowing your animals are the most efficient available means you know you are cutting cost.  On top of increased efficiency, science proves that raising breeding stock on forage, instead of in a traditional grain fed environment prevents fertility loss and longevity decreases later on in the life of the animal.

If you need show stock our animals have the genetics and the conformation to compete and will easily transition to traditional feeding programs. If you are a commercial producer these animals are genetically selected to perform efficiently without waste. Have a look for yourself at our lean, breeding season ready animals.